Oral Habit Correction​

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Oral habits can have long lasting deleterious effects on a growing child's teeth, muscles and jaw. While most habits disappear around the age of 2 on their own, some persist and require systematic approach to intercept before irreversible changes happen.

For long lasting solutions, its best to address the cause of the habit, rather than purely fixing the symptoms like crowded teeth, proclined teeth, thumb calluses and more.

At Happy Dontics, we believe in a holistic approach towards habit cessation.

We have a one of its kind global collaboration with a US based myofunctional expert to create and deliver customised plans for your child.

Ms. Karese is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist in the US.

She is the founder of The Myo Spot, a practice aimed at amplifying oral wellness to whole body wellness. Through tele-therapy she helps patients of all ages overcome tongue ties, TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, grinding, anxiety, and various breathing and orofacial dysfunction.

Passionate about education and self-help, she has written Accomplished: How to Sleep Better, Eliminate Burnout and Execute Goals. When not working with clients globally she spends time with her husband and four kids. 

Ms. Karese

How do we do it?

The common goals of our treatment will be to help:

The Dos of proper oral care - Large
The Dos of proper oral care

Schedule an Myofunctional therapy assessment to review the habit and to understand if the child can benefit from the program.

Only for children 3 yrs and above. Pick only Tuesdays/ Thursdays/ Fridays; 6 p.m. slot