Smile, the life camera is shooting you!

Smile, the life camera is shooting you!


Where’s your smile? Why don’t you smile often? Are you okay?

Often when people see someone not wearing a smile, they have multiple questions racing in their head. The immediate conclusion drawn to a person not smiling is either they are worried or not being polite.

The calendar marks today’s day as World Smile Day. Which got me thinking do I need to keep smiling throughout the day?

With ten years of experience in the Dentistry field, this is the first time I came across this smile celebratory day. As a pediatric dentist, I truly believe in the power of a smile but celebrating a day for it, that’s something new and cooly unique.


The Invention of the Infectious Gesture

As we celebrate World Smile Day today, we must know the master who invented the famous smiley emoticon. Do you know who it is?

Let’s make it easy for you rather than going on a search quest. Harvey Ball – a cartoonist, gave this day the name it derived- World Smile Day.

He created the first smiley emoticon in 1963.

Harvey Ball wanted to create a symbol barring boundaries of race, gender, location or ethnicity. The day awakens the consciousness of every human being, not let a smile fade off from their face.


Benefits of a smile beyond the sign of politeness

The day has gained importance to be polite to our fellow humans, but did you know smiling has scientific benefits too. The efforts of a smile affect human health in many ways. Numerous research has listed down scientific benefits of a smile as:

  • Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: When in a stressful or difficult situation, smile it away. Hyperness activates the heart rate, while a smile can act as a natural medicine in bringing down a racing heartbeat.
  • Reduces Stress: This may seem far fetched, but it is true. Even a fake smile in a time of a pressured situation can yield good results. Always remember a smile is mightier than stress.
  • Immunity Booster: A smile is a natural stress reliever that eases your body from any tension. It relaxes the cells from the stiffness that increases the capability of fighting sickness.
  • Better mood and increased productivity: A grin, beam or smile automatically makes one feel lighter and turns around a person’s bad mood into contentment. Smiling releases endorphins that churn the creative juices in the brain faster and make you feel at the top of your productivity level.


Every aspect of the human body has a vital and unique role to play which, we may not be aware of. There’s no need for complications when you can do something as easy as pasting a smile. If I could, I would go on with a pathophysiology guide and explanations about smiling, but I would prefer smiling.


All the zillion textbooks, papers, articles that I read on smile enhancements, smile designs, I forgot the power of smile until today when I came across this amazing article by Sanya Panwar.


A special thank you to Mr Harvey Balls for setting up a universal reminder to smile and understand smile!


The team at Happy Dontics believe that a smile can do wonders in terms of productivity and positivity and follow the policy of smiling strictly. Check out the celebration of World Smile day at Happy Dontics

Before I sign out, Remember to keep smiling because it is free yet so priceless.

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