Enter the world of dental home where dental fears and anxiety do not exist

Enter the world of dental home where dental fears and anxiety do not exist

Dental home concept is an attempt to raise a generation of youth without dental fear and dental anxiety. To give a child a lifetime of zero cavities.

Let’s understand how!

The word home signifies a safe haven for children. An environment wherein a child is at ease and most comfortable to take on various challenges.

Imagine the things a child learns at home like walking, running, jumping etc. which all have come with at least one cut/ bump or a visit to the doctor.

But in spite of this, the child never associates pain/fear with home.

It’s because the early / initial association of a child with home and the caregivers / parents has been of love, warmth and safety all leading to a positive mind-set.

The dental home derives its fundamentals from the very same psychology. Start early and start right with your child’s oral health will only ensure a subconscious positivity towards it.

To establish a dental home- a parent needs to identify a Pediatric Dentist and their practice they feel most comfortable with and schedule a first visit by 6 months of age and no later than the child’s first birthday.

Owing to the current pandemic, a virtual consultation will also suffice as at this point the main objective of the first dental visit is:

  • Educate the parents about the right feeding patterns to avoid cavities
  • Assess the child for any oral abnormalities like tongue tie, weakened teeth and many more
  • Familiarise the child with the Pediatric Dentist to ensure sub conscious positivity
  • Set the foundation for correct oral hygiene measures based on the child’s needs

Bang! A dental home has been established.

The Pediatric Dentist will identify if the child is at risk of developing any oral problems and develop a customised preventive plan to prevent them or atleast minimise them.

These preventive measures are non-invasive, non-elaborate, non-painful, non-expensive but highly effective.

Just the way a mother/ caregiver understands the child’s patterns, needs better than anyone, a dental home Pediatric Dentist has a complete overview and understanding of the child’s dental and psychological needs.

The main objective of Dental home is to:

  • prevent or minimise most of the oral diseases
  • raise a child with positivity towards dental visits and treatments if needed
  • eliminate or minimise the phobia of needles and the dental drill
  • ensure that oral diseases don’t affect the child’s confidence and overall well-being negatively

I have always maintained that oral wellness goes beyond just teeth. And your child’s Dental home Pediatric dentist will ensure that the child attains maximal dental and hence overall wellbeing.

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